Compliance Consulting

We frequently assist in consulting on one or more aspects of compliance. In this regard we have accumulated specific skills regarding Legislative Compliance, HR and labour matters as well as general legal enquiries, in addition to contracts, complaints management and dispute resolution.


We also provide consulting services on Pillar II of the “SAM requirements” for insurance companies and cell captives. 

Legal services

We are able to assist with the drafting of various contracts, human resources policies and procedures, as well as practical and compliant internal processes.


We are also able to assist with the drafting of Wills and Trust registrations, should this be required.

Licensing and profiling

We assist financial services providers with a detailed analysis of the application (if required) of the FAIS act on their businesses, in motivation for an application for licensing.


We further assist new applicants with the preparation and submission of licenses and follow these up until issued.


Additionally, our services include assisting our clients with amendments to their licensing information as and where required (profile changes) and acting as liaison with the Regulator in terms of this.


In order to effect a profile change within the required 15 day period, you will find the necessary forms and instructions on requirements as helpful downloads. click here to download

Outsourced compliance officer appointment

We take the legalese out of your compliance challenges and provide a practical and easy to understand solution with tools and templates to address your risk.


Compliance services cover FAIS and FICA, insurance legislation, Companies and Close Corporations Acts, Protection of Personal Information Act, the National Credit Act, the Consumer Protection Act, and prevailing Labour legislation.


In order to achieve this we partner with your business, in an attempt to help you grow and thrive, as your sustainability ultimately leads to our success.


We have registered compliance officers who provide training, consultation, monitoring and reporting on compliance related matters. This includes assessing your business structure and providing recommendations, tools and templates and customized solutions. We include compliance processes into the standard operating procedures of your business, and into your risk management, focusing on the introduction of an ethical corporate culture.


In terms of this appointment, we do not implement compliance in your business, but assist you in this

A Partner you can Rely on

Simply Group is a partner you can rely with all your Compliance, Risk and training needs. We have been in the industry since 1995 and have become one of the top players in SA. Contact us for more information